• Meehan Green

1 GQ, Dublin - LEED EBOM

After having earned a LEED Platinum certification for Core and Shell, 1 GQ will now be pursuing a LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) certification. Earning certifications in two different rating systems will position it as a flagship property for Irish Life as well as making it a symbol of sustainability in Ireland. The refurbished building has already been retrofit with many sustainable elements in terms of water and energy efficiency such as solar PV panels, onsite rainwater harvesting system, and low flow fixtures and fittings. In addition, the energy and water consumption are regularly tracked and monitored by meters, which will contribute significantly to energy and water savings in the operations phase. Furthermore, the building benefits from a sustainability-focused management team that aims to ensure the cooperation of current and future tenants, making the LEED EB, O&M certification a truly collaborative effort.

1 GQ - Dublin

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