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1 WML, Dublin - LEED Gold Certified

1 WML – LEED Gold Certified Inspired by the area’s cultural and commercial heritage, developers Hibernia REIT plc are revitalising this legendary location to inspire a new wave of enterprise and change-making. It is the first in a new line of SOBO District developments. 1WML occupies a strategic location in SOBO District at the point where Dublin’s Docklands connect with the city centre and IFSC. The concentration of global business leaders, top multinationals and creative SMEs makes this the place to be for companies with a mission to drive innovation and growth and attract top talent. The design & construction team includes MOLA Architects, Arup and JPC. Attention was dedicated to achieving an optimum balance of lighting, ventilation, acoustics and temperature to aid concentration, maximise wellbeing and inspire performance. A remodelled Windmill Lane, complete with greenery, cafe, co-working spaces and a 12,000 sf gym will form a new social space at the heart of the district, reenergising it and restoring its reputation as a place of creativity and ideas. It is the first mixed use development with a residential component to achieve LEED certification in Ireland.

1 WML - Dublin

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