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One Molesworth Street, Dublin - LEED Certified Platinum

We are happy to announce that One Molesworth Street has achieved LEED Platinum Certification!

Here are the key facts: The building minimizes its impact to the environment by featuring rainwater harvesting, as well as high efficiency HVAC, lighting and water fixtures to reduce the use of natural resources. Only refrigerants with minimal environmental impact run through the cooling systems. An intensive green roof promotes local biodiversity, while retaining storm water - thus reducing the burden to sewage systems. To top it off, the building is supplied with clean, green energy.

A careful material selection and procurement ensured that the building was constructed maximizing recycled content and regional sourcing, reducing the overall carbon footprint. The construction team implemented an indoor air quality plan, and allowed only low-emitting products for interior use, ensuring a healthy work environment for both builders and occupants.

Developer, Design and Construction teams worked hard to effectively integrate the principles and synergies of low-impact development.

Big kudos to the team!

Henry J Lyons Architects


Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates

Seamus Monahan & Partners

BAM Ireland

Waterman Moylan Consulting Engineers

Green REIT plc

Meehan Green

One Molesworth Street - Dublin

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